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Miscellaneous Memorabilia



This is the oldest bit of Kearney nostalgia I have. Printed when we were in eighth grade, and replete with misspellings, it is a newspaper article listing the very first scholarship winners to the school. Some of them may surprise you. Others you may not remember at all.

This is the program page which listed the academic honors awarded at graduation.

This is the roster of Regents Scholarship winners

Do you remember what you classmates looked like when our high school years began in 1962? Here are most of the graduation pictures from the various 8th grade classes that formed our freshman class.

Did you happen to go to St. Salome's Elementary School? If so, here's some additional nostalgia. (8th grade with IDs.)

More St Salome nostalgia. (6th Grade) Thanks to Bob Tomasso for the picture! Our best guess at the IDs:

Top row: Tim Rock, Carol Aman, Timothy Denk , Bonnie Caulfield, Jim Hilberer, Debbie O'Bine, Bob Weaver

Second row: Gerry Lamb, Julie Raimonds, Mike Schwartz, Kathy Ryan, Greg Wroblewski, Patti Spencer, Ron Helminski, Maria Smits, Dave Markham.

Third row: Diane Albright, Tony Della Costa, Kathy Janski (spelling is wrong for sure), Barb Herzog, Robert Lape, June Scheid

Fourth Row: Brian Klos, Linda Wyand, Steve Gorski, Joyce Stoecklein, Stuart Mackie, Patty Neits, Chris Barry, Diane Reeners, Gary Torrey

Fifth row: Paula Schenk, Dan Peitscher, Patty Lang, Bob Tomasso, Myrna Renkert, Joe Hall, Donna Stoffel, Mike Dwyer, Cathy Cappon

Bottom row: Ron Adams, Mary-Catherine O'Neill, Jim Walters, Don Monacell, Don Loos, Tom Costello, Tony Giambrone, Phil Wyand, Duane Howe.

Perhaps you are looking for other classmates from elementary school or college. These are the graduation lists from other local high schools in 1966:

Kearney, McQuald, Aquinas, DeSales

Eastridge H.S.

Irondequoit H.S.

This is the seating chart from freshman homeroom 105, as drawn from memory. Some long-forgotten names: Jim Panaro, Gregory "Scott" McGregor, Gerard Larew, Larry Lidfeldt, Roger Miller, Tom Blake, John Alquist, and Bob Magere.

Here are various pages and/or articles from the school newspaper, The Coronet

Various topics are discussed including the school plays, sports, sodality, debate ...

Don't miss the page which pictures all of the original faculty from freshman year.