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The teams, the players, the memories ...


Blue ball! Here is some classic football footage from the first Bishop Kearney football team. (Not safe for dial-up. It's a .wmv file, 110 meg in size, about six minutes in length.) If anyone can offer a paragraph or two about this, I will create a separate page for it. I simply don't know the material well enough.

Randy Macksamie told me that it seems to be a JV game from sophomore year, but he couldn't pinpoint it any more accurately.

Here is one more clip of a game at Aquinas stadium, featuring the team, the marching band and the color guard.

Off the field - the Kearney band plays for Robert F Kennedy!


"Say they made a great club and let it go at that.
Say it all once, two score of long years after.
Then, let it go at that..."

(Nelson Algren)