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William Cala

William Cala
9 Fieldston Grv
Fairport, NY


Dr. William Cala
Superintendent of Schools
Fairport, New York
Retired, June 2006

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2007 update:

Bill is currently the acting superintendent of the Rochester School District. He is garnering rave reviews for his trustworthiness, his competence, and especially his concern for children as individuals.

Recent articles: (Article 1, Article 2)

A Google search for Bill produces some 1200 hits.

2012 update from Bill:

"Just went to the site that I didn't know existed. Good work Greg! Check out what I am doing now at Joining Hearts and Hands."

Recent images:

Here's Bill's Q&A from

 What do you do with your free time:

 Arts (museums, theater, etc.), Dine with friends, Garden, Listen to music, Read, Spend time with family, Sports or strenuous activity, Surf the Internet, Travel, Vegetate, Volunteer work, Work on my hobbies 

 Current relationship status:


 About children:

 I have 2 children 

 Indoor hobbies you enjoy:

 Arts & Crafts, Books, Other 

 Outdoor activities you enjoy:

 Canoeing, Walking, Woodworking/Craftsmanship, Other 

 Describe your current living arrangement:

 Own a House 

 Country you live in today:


 State you live in today:

 New York 

 Kind of pet(s) you have:


 How do you feel about your life right now:

 My important "to-do" list is still unfinished 

 Your favorite type of movie:

 Drama, Foreign, Independent 

 Your friends would describe you as:

 Aggressive and focused 

 Kind of car you drive:


 Your dream vacation:


 If you won $100 million tomorrow, you would:

 Donate most of it 

 Your biggest pet peeve:

 Long lines in stores 

 How you meet most of your friends:

 Associations/volunteering, Work, Other 

 Describe your political views:


 Your main source of current events:



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