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Tony Mangione

Tony Mangione
2 Smethwick Court
Pittsford, NY 14534-9788

"Tony Mangione—“Live and work with a purpose.”

Tony operates as a “change agent” and management coach to companies across the United States. Taking a bottoms-up, inside-out approach, Tony is focused on changing foundations and basic structures within organizations. As the founder and president of Delta Stratagem, Inc. his approach to Lean has been acknowledged as the “missing link” that connects individual components into a cohesive an integrated solution. He is clearly recognized for his accomplishments in leading successful organizational transformations by instilling an entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging innovative thinking and energizing employees. The result: long-term, sustainable change.

A reunion of two of the greatest Bond Villains: Xenia Onatopp and Tony Onabottom.


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