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Paul Ciaraldi

Paul Ciaraldi
13 Riverdale Ave.
Toronto, ON

Ciaraldi and Company
(Design Services) 2467 Yonge Street
(416) 322-7800


"Paul's schools include Bishop Kearney High School. Paul works(ed) at Ciaraldi+company, Ciaraldi+company. Music Paul likes includes Roy Orbison, 100 Years of the Blues, Tower of Power. Books Paul likes include A Confederacy of Dunces. Movies Paul likes include Let's Get Lost. TV shows Paul likes include The Big Bang Theory, Ask This Old House, This Old House. More about Paul: 'Never leave well enough alone.'"

Syracuse University Class of 1972

Paul's note:

Hey, Wroblewski. Just happened upon the BK 66 website this morning (Memorial Day, 2008). I know, "what took you...?" I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. And since I missed the reunions I wanted to add my applause to the audience response to your speech. I don't know how well you remember me; we didn't hang around too much. I do remember one round of golf I played with you, the Duck and (maybe) Dan Young or Jim Yeager. You guys were all so good you caused me not only to 3 putt, which I had never done before, but to 4 putt! I haven't kept up at all with the old class so I was sorry to hear about Dan Oberst, Larry Moran and the others. And how about that Mike Critelli! Guess he's done well for himself. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your efforts. Brought back a lot of memories. FWIW I've been living in Toronto since '76. I have my own firm. We design retail stores, restaurants, exhibits, and graphics.

In the section below, Paul responds to my questions about his family and the rumors that he possesses nuclear weapons. (Rumors which I started, of course.)

On the personal front, I was married and divorced. I have been with a wonderful woman, Lesley, for the past 13 years. After Mother Theresa, I think she is next in line for sainthood. And to think she's both alive and Presbyterian! No children, so I'm resigned to an old age full of loneliness and shoveling my own walk. Actually Lesley has a daughter with a husband and a dog but that's as close as I get. And I have no weapons of mass destruction. (I never knew I had so much in common with Saddam Hussein).

You remember my brother, Mike. He was a freshman in our 4th year. He skipped the 3rd grade. I don't think they have a number high enough to express his IQ. It might be infinity plus 1. You are probably referring to his perfect 800 scores in all his SATs. Mike is now a professor of practice @ Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Mass. He teaches Computer Science and Robotics. Mike Critelli sometimes used to refer to me as "BOMC" or Brother of Mike Ciaraldi, kind of a takeoff on "BMOC". Between that and your ballbusting over my high test scores in History and my low math grades, and my pathetic golf game it's a wonder I was able to ever get an erection!

Keep 'em laughing!

Paul Ciaraldi


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