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Lucy Iorio

Lucille Iorio Angelo
686 Hightower Way
Webster, NY



"Two children, Nicole and Jim. One grandchild Wesley. Just retired from Eastman Kodak after 35 years, July 1. Currently in the process of purchasing a ChemDry Carpet Cleaning business and will hopefully have everything completed by mid-October. Divorced for the past 24 years with no regrets."

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 What do you do with your free time:

 Garden, Have drinks with friends, Listen to music, Read, Spend time with family 

 Current relationship status:


 About children:

 I have 2 children 

 Indoor hobbies you enjoy:


 Outdoor activities you enjoy:


 Describe your current living arrangement:

 Own a House 

 Country you live in today:


 State you live in today:

 New York 

 Kind of pet(s) you have:

 Cat(s), Dog(s) 

 How do you feel about your life right now:

 I've accomplished more than I thought I would 

 Your favorite type of movie:

 Action/Adventure, Classics, Comedy, Drama, Family, Musicals, Mystery, Romance 

 Your friends would describe you as:

 Cheerful and easygoing 

 Kind of car you drive:


 Your dream vacation:

 Palm trees, sand and cold beverages - anywhere 

 If you won $100 million tomorrow, you would:

 Change very little about my life, just enjoy the money 

 Your biggest pet peeve:

 Unsolicited advice 

 How you meet most of your friends:


 Describe your political views:

 It depends on the issue 

 Your main source of current events:



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