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Jim Walters

James Walters
707 Dartmouth Avenue
Silver Springs, MD 20910

Jim's self-profile from

"In 1997 I retired after 26 years in the Navy (enlisted and officer). Of that quarter century my best tour of duty were the three years I was stationed in Germany as a liaison officer with the Army in a little town on the French border called Pirmasens. I now work for the Navy in Bethesda MD and live in nearby Silver Spring MD."

Jim's Q&A from

 What do you do with your free time:

 Arts (museums, theater, etc.), Dine with friends, Garden, Go to movies, Have drinks with friends, Listen to music, Read, Spend time with family, Sports or strenuous activity, Surf the Internet, Travel, Watch TV 

 Current relationship status:


 About children:

 I have 1 child 

 Indoor hobbies you enjoy:

 Books, Computers 

 Outdoor activities you enjoy:

 Bicycling, Golf, Running, Skiing, Snorkeling/Scuba diving, Walking 

 Describe your current living arrangement:

 Own a House 

 Country you live in today:


 State you live in today:


 Kind of pet(s) you have:


 How do you feel about your life right now:

 My important "to-do" list is still unfinished 

 Your favorite type of movie:

 Action/Adventure, Drama, Foreign, Independent 

 Your friends would describe you as:

 Steady and reliable 

 Kind of car you drive:


 Your dream vacation:


 If you won $100 million tomorrow, you would:

 Change very little about my life, just enjoy the money 

 Your biggest pet peeve:


 How you meet most of your friends:


 Describe your political views:


 Your main source of current events:



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