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Jim Trott

James Trott
3530 Taft Rd
Holcomb (Bloomfield), NY 14469-9356

585-657-7622 or 585-478-9079

Coaches track and field at Honeoye Falls-Lima, and still pole vaulted competitively in the early 2000s!!

Greg's note:

On June 26, 2008, I received the following e-mail from Jim Schneider

"Hi, Greg, Jim Schneider here. I just came home from Jim Trott's wife's wake. Marty died of lung cancer.

I don't know how to post it on the site, but maybe you do. Maybe in the future there could be a way to get this news out to our classmates. When I was there, Terry Gardner and Fran (Francis aka Murph) were there. I was hoping to see more alum. I was there about an hour - a half an hour just to get in the door. It would appear that Marty was a very popular person.



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