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Greg Wroblewski

Gregory A. Wroblewski
aka Uncle Scoopy
3510 Rosenberry Court
Appleton, Wisconsin 54913


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IMDb page page. added me to their site without asking, and then told me I had to write a biography to keep my page. Rather than telling them to stuff it, I decided to capitalize on the opportunity for a few laughs, and submitted a bogus biography. Although the bio makes no sense at all (I would have to be my father's age), they added it to their database!

Single since 1989.

Four children:

  • Dylan, 1972, a software marketer/manager in Austin.
  • Colin, 1974, in the Navy Dental Corps, now stationed in Hawaii, working in the field of forensic dentistry.
  • Derek, 1984, inventory manager at Morton Safety, Neenah, Wisconsin
  • Katya, 1986, a graduate of the University of Texas film studies program.

Two grandchildren (Derek's daughters):

  • Aubree, born 2008
  • Paitee (Paityn), born 2009

1966-70: Fordham University, English Literature.
1970-72: English teacher, Eastridge High School, Irondequoit, New York.
1973-1986: The Southland Corporation (7-Eleven Stores), Dallas, Texas. Final position: Strategic Planning Manager.
1984: Advanced Marketing Program, The University of Texas at Austin.
1987-1988: General manager, Express Convenience Stores, Appleton, Wisconsin
1988-1989: Head writer and performer, "The Abominable Showman."
1990-1995: Various positions, Strasburger Enterprises, Temple, Texas. Stationed in: Norway, Austria, Hungary.
1995-1997: President, Cambridge-Myers, Austin, Texas. International consulting.
1998-20??: Retired. President (emeritus), Johnny Web Corporation. Internet services.

Seen below - 1966 graduates in the summer of 2014 (from left): Dan Young, Greg Wroblewski, Jim Yaeger, Dick Thomas


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