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Flo Ann Harris

9204 Coral Isle Way
Ft Myers, Florida 33919

Flo Ann's Q&A page from

 What do you do with your free time:

 Arts (museums, theater, etc.), Dine with friends, Go to movies, Have drinks with friends, Listen to music, Take classes, Travel 

 Current relationship status:


 About children:

 I don't have any children 

 Indoor hobbies you enjoy:

 Books, Other 

 Outdoor activities you enjoy:

 Bicycling, Camping/Hiking, Fishing, Walking 

 Describe your current living arrangement:

 Own a House 

 Country you live in today:


 State you live in today:

 New York 

 Kind of pet(s) you have:


 How do you feel about your life right now:

 My important "to-do" list is still unfinished 

 Your favorite type of movie:

 Classics, Drama, Foreign, Independent, Musicals, Mystery 

 Your friends would describe you as:

 Cheerful and easygoing 

 Kind of car you drive:


 Your dream vacation:


 If you won $100 million tomorrow, you would:

 Travel around the world 

 Your biggest pet peeve:


 How you meet most of your friends:

 Through other friends, Work, Other 

 Describe your political views:

 It depends on the issue 

 Your main source of current events:



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