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Don Zientara

712 S. Ivy Street
Arlington, VA

703-521-7781, or

Don is the class rock star. He's the founder and President, engineer and owner of the one, the legendary, the punk-mackin' Inner Ear Studios. He has been called "Don Zientara, the legendary producer/engineer of Minor Threat, Fugazi, and just about everything important to come from DC," and "Don Zientara, rock legend and all-around nice guy." Here is a Don Zientara print interview. And here is a Don Zientara video interview from October 2008.

From Don, late August, 2014

Could you add to my "bio" that I (and the studio) will be the subject in an HBO hour-long movie in October. Called "Sonic Highways", done by a friend of mine in the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl. Teaser is at:

From Don, September, 2011

"Yeah, yeah, tooting my own horn (or just my wife would say.) Here is an interesting short film on a party in May our band played at. The washboard player is the owner of the Hard Times Chili parlours, the woman is the chief painting conservator of The National Gallery of Art, the harmonica/vocalist is head curator of The National Gallery of Art, the guitarist (not me) is a bigwig at Freddie Mac, and the bass player (red jacket) is a lawyer of some renown (hsssssss...)."

Here are three more videos of Don Performing: 1, 2, 3. He has even cut one album as the lead performer!

A Google search turns up about a bazillion more articles about Don.

KEARNEY TRIVIA: Per Google, as of November 20, 2006, Don was the most famous '66 Kearney graduate. He generated about 17000 Google hits, compared to 12000 for Michael Critelli, 4000 for Bill Cala, 1400 for the late Dan Oberst, and about a thousand for Jim MacPherson.


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