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Diana Kazmierski

Diana Kazmierski Flahive
624 Lafayette St.
Denver, CO 80218-3610

My life has been so full and fortunate, from the family my husband and I have had the gift to bring together and grow, to our good health, to the work we both have been privileged to do, to the adventures in travel and experiences we have had. This last chapter of my life has been working with women who are homeless, what a journey of heart and soul. (That Peace and Justice bug we had instilled through our education, is hard to deny.) In addition to being with “the other”, which in itself is life-changing, I have been able to create a system of shelter, all volunteer, that is working with over 50 different congregations and organizations in Denver. Along with creating safe sanctuary for our women, I had the opportunity write a book that has won two international awards, (more information attached) and be a critical part of creating a permanent supported housing complex for 50 people who have no home, which will open in January 2018.

I write this for a few reasons: 1) I wanted to share my story with my BKHS alums, about what is happening with one of their own – in Denver, Colorado, 2) to follow up on the good feelings and memories of those years, long ago, 3) to encourage others from our “First Year Graduating Class” to share their stories of what’s happening in their lives, 4) to humbly put out a request for purchasing our book: EXPOSURE: homelessness through the eyes of art and poetry, for meaningful Christmas presents, and/or donating to the program.

I have kept in touch with a few of our class members, and long ago came to a reunion. It is a rarity for me to come to Rochester these days. But I hold close to my heart the many memories that have been a big piece of forming who I have become.

Diana (Kazmierski) Flahive. First Graduating Class of BKHS

Come volunteer with us … go to our website

Send your donation payable to CHUM: c/o Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church, 1100 Fillmore St., Denver 80206

To buy books for your holiday gifts, go to

Call 800-795-8148, or contact Diana 303-832-4188 or


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