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Bob Tomasso


Profession: Licensed Mortgage Broker, Cape Coral, Florida

AutoBio: "After returning from Vietnam I obtained my BA in Economics from the University of Rochester. I then attended UCLA for my graduate work in developmental economics. My first job in Los Angeles was working in the Natural Resources Division for United California Bank (Now Bank of America). I was Budget, Planning and Control Officer for the division and a loan officer in the department that financed Oil Companies. After leaving Los Angeles, I moved to Florida in 1978 where I worked as a Commercial Loan Officer until 1989 when I started Tomasso Mortgage, A Licensed Correspondent Mortgage Lending Company."

Hobbies: SCUBA diving

Business: Tomasso Mortgage

Web Page:

Children's Names:

  • Olivia
  • Samantha

Here is a picture of Bob back in the Vietnam Era


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