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Anne Schneggenburger

Anne Marie Schneggenburger Maranda
33 Barry Road
Rochester, NY 14617

718-956-7321 or 917-364-4543


Nazareth College
Class of 1970 (degree actually granted May 1972 when requirements were finally completed after marriage, birth of son, move to NYC.)

Employed by Verizon, 1972-Retired June 30,2006 after 33 years plus 'service', most of it in IT. Currently back in school preparing for my next career. Now in second semester at CUNY BMCC Fall2007, going for my Nursing degree. You are NEVER too old to follow your dream!

2 children (Michael and Anastasia) 1 BEAUTIFUL granddaughter born 1/13/2006...What a great feeling! My new grandson was born 10/26/2007..I will get to meet him this Thanksgiving 2007 in Chicago.


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