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Anita Centola

Anita Centola
4765 56th Place
Vero Beach, Florida 32967


Here's Anita's self-profile from

"I was living in San Diego but moved back to New York to be with family. I live in a condo in Webster with my cat. I work for the Webster Central School District at Klem North. I have 3 grandchildren, all girls. Would like to see some old friends now that I am back in town."

Here's Anita's Q&A from

 What do you do with your free time:

 Dine with friends, Go to movies, Listen to music, Spend time with family, Travel 

 Current relationship status:


 About children:

 I have 3 children 

 Indoor hobbies you enjoy:

 Arts & Crafts, Books, Computers, Shopping 

 Outdoor activities you enjoy:

 Camping/Hiking, Walking, Other 

 Describe your current living arrangement:

 Own a House 

 Country you live in today:


 State you live in today:

 New York 

 Kind of pet(s) you have:


 How do you feel about your life right now:

 I've accomplished more than I thought I would 

 Your favorite type of movie:

 Classics, Comedy, Romance 

 Your friends would describe you as:

 Cheerful and easygoing 

 Kind of car you drive:


 Your dream vacation:

 Stay at a luxury hotel on the French Riviera 

 If you won $100 million tomorrow, you would:

 Retire immediately - give notice by postcard 

 Your biggest pet peeve:

 People that interrupt others 

 How you meet most of your friends:

 Associations/volunteering, Through other friends, Work 

 Describe your political views:

 Not interested in politics 

 Your main source of current events:




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