Oklahoma was, I suppose, the pinnacle of our class socialization process. It thrust together just about everyone from every level of the high school social strata. If there was anyone from our class whom I had not already known, I either met them in Oklahoma or never met them at all, and the percentage of our 400-member class that I never met is certainly a small one. The cover features the two stars from our class. As you pioneers remember, most roles were cast with two performers, and it was serendipitous that these two both happened to come from our class, because we had three classes in the school by that time. In case you had forgotten - shame on you - they are Randall "Max" Macksamie and the late Mary Jean Manion, a beautiful and sweet girl who died young.

If you hadn't already realized it, the smaller pictures are just thumbnails. Click on each of them to see the full-sized versions.

Here are some videos taken backstage (i.e., the school gym):

Before a performance

After that performance


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