Some highlights of the 40th Reunion. (More to come as it becomes available. It just took place on Saturday, October 7, 2006.)

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Bill Vallee
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Pat Shatzel hosted the banquet. Kathy Curatalo Bailey spoke as our class representative on the BK Alumni Association Board. The group's goal is to get more alumni involved with school events, as well as to get their input and support. For more info, write her at Greg Wroblewski delivered his usual jaded look back at the school's seamy and forgotten underbelly. This is the script for Greg's speech. It differs somewhat from the actual delivery. (It was dark, and not possible to read at the podium and, let's face it, Greg is old.) The formal presentations also featured a blessing from Father Amann, a speech from the BKHS president Donna Dedee, and talks from Carm Urzetta and Sue Bartash Spall, member of the BKHS board of Trustees. Contact Sue at Sue also donated her incredible collection of high school memorabilia to the display table (including the very first issue of the Coronet)!


More photos have been provided by Kathy Curatalo Bailey.

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Anita Centola

Fr. Amann

Sandy Smith Knope


Lucy Iorio Angelo

Walt Szarlacki

Kathy Curatalo Bailey

Greg Giles


Tom Bailey

Mrs. Bailey

Mrs. Morrison

Bill Morrison

(John Knope in background)


Lucy Iorio Angelo

Walt Szarlacki


Rita Lotti Johnson


Lucy Iorio Angelo

Jim Flynn


Judy Oldenburg Chapman

talking to Maureen Pilato Lamb 


Lucy Iorio Angelo

Kathy Curatalo Bailey


Gloria Esposito Mercury

Rita Lotti Johnson

Kathy Curatalo Bailey

Marlene Caimano Cole

Sue Bartash Spall

Lucy Iorio Angelo




Jane MacArthur Ahrens

John Knope

Phil Smith


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