This is a gallery of photos taken Friday night at Silk O'Loughlin's. The photographer was John Bosco, Barb Mahoney's husband.

I have cropped many of them and/or eliminated duplicates. To see his original gallery, go here.

IDs left to right, women by birth names. These are thumbnails. If you click on them, the link will produce the full-sized version.

Gloria Esposito, Norma Terio
Jane MacArthur, Rita Lotti,
Barb, Norma Terio
John Conheady, Barb Mahoney,
 Dan Young
Sue Bartash, Kathy McAniff,
 Barb Mahoney
John Sleight

Barb in front of O'Loughlin's
Paula Deffner
Roger Palma
Ward Wilson

Barb and Sharon Schnaus
Elaine Heveron
Lucy Iorio
Rick Fox
Terry Gardner