This is a gallery of various photos collected from Facebook pages and other sources, some cropped, some not

Housekeeping issues:

* I have used the women's maiden names, so those who were not there can identify them.

* IDs listed from left to right.

* These are thumbnails. If you click on them, the link will produce the full-sized version, but the enlargements are not significantly larger.

* Please help with the IDs of the ones I missed!

Eric Alchowiak
Dan Cole, Tim Rock, Jeanne Geyer and Ann Marie Schneggenburger
John Conheady (center)

Jan Kurto and John Englert

Rand Macksamie and Jan Kurto
Jim Minardo and Peter Elliott

Joe Minisce
Norb Szymula
Sue Paul and Jim Minardo

Joe Struble, Tom Yaeger, Mike Holowka and Dave Holowka.
Behind the Holowkas: Sharon Williams, Mike Fitzpatrick.
Manny Weiss and Tony Mangione
Jim Yaeger (far left) and Manny Weiss (far right)

Don Zientara
John Crouse, Joe Minisce, Doug Johnson
Dan Young and (teacher/coach) Mike Spang

Dan Young and Manny Weiss
the 50th Reunion Committee
Ann Schipper

Donna Wahl
Kearney women
John Crouse

Jan Kurto, Don Zientara, Randy Macksamie
Lou Joy
Roger Palma

Ward Wilson