This is a gallery of photos taken by Kathy Curatalo Bailey, which explains why you will see her in so many of them. Thanks to Kathy for sharing them!

Housekeeping issues:

* I have used the women's maiden names, so those who were not there can identify them.

* IDs listed from left to right.

* These were taken Saturday night, September 24th, at Monroe Country Club (except the last one, which is from Friday night).

* These are thumbnails. If you click on them, the link will produce the full-sized version, but the enlargements are not significantly larger.

Jim Flynn and Kathy Curatalo

Kathy Curatalo, Gloria Esposito and Sharon Schnaus

Front and center: Rita Lotti and Linda Campanero

Back row: Norma Terio, Sue Bartash, Kathy Curatalo, Linda Meteyer, Jane MacArthur, Georgie Schulte, Donna Schlueter and Kathy McAniff.

Sharon Schnaus, Donna Schleuter, Linda Meteyer and Kathy McAniff
Sue Bartash, Kathy Curatalo, Rita Lotti and  Lucy Iorio
The lighted BK sign and the band (Mr. Mustard)

Paula Deffner, Kathy Curatalo
Jim Trott, Kathy Curatalo, Terry Gardner, Sharon Schnaus