This is a gallery of photos taken by Elaine Heveron, which explains why you will see her in so many of them. Thanks to Elaine for sharing them, and so rapidly!

Housekeeping issues:

* I've cropped many of them.

* I have used the women's maiden names, so those who were not there can identify them.

* The first seventeen were taken Friday night, September 23rd, at O'Loughlin's Bar on the lakefront. The last four were taken Saturday night, September 24th, at Monroe Country Club.

* These are thumbnails. If you click on them, the link will produce the full-sized version.

Barb Mahoney, Elaine and John Bosco (Barb's husband)
Tom Rood and Pat Goonan
John Sleight

Norma Terio
George Grass
Linda Delgatti and Tony Mangione

Bill Vallee and Donna Schleuter
Sheila Lytle and Elaine
Joanne Taschetti

Elaine and Kathy Curatalo
Greg Wroblewski and Elaine

Linda Meteyer, Margot MacAulay, Cheryl Irwin, Elaine

Sheila Lytle and Donna Schleuter
Maureen Pilato and Pat Goonan
Sue Bartash and Linda Meteyer

Rita Lotti
 (Jim Flynn and Bob Steinorth are seen over her shoulder.)
Paula Deffner, George Grass, Margot MacAulay, Tom Rood and Elaine

Elaine and the Kearney summer uniform

Elaine and Donna Wahl
Margot MacAulay Barb Mahoney