BK Class of 1966 - 2023 Picnic

28 Members of the Class

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Starting from far left:
Norb Norkus, George Grass, Barb Gramlich, Lou Joy, Rich Mileo, Skip Minisce,
Mike Holowka, Joe Hall, Margot Macaulay, Sheila Lytle, Phil Dollard

Center group:
Bill Vallee (kneeling), Jeanne Geyer (behind Bill),
 Tim Rock (behind Jeanne), Rose Marie Laniok (over Tim's shoulder)

Continuing from left to right after the center group:
Anne Marie Schneggenburger, Dan Young, Ann Hawkins, Gloria Esposito, Jim Flynn,
 Lucy Iorio, Kathy Curatalo, Barbara Aiello, Phil Smith, Jane MacArthur, Pat Shatzel

Present, but not in the photo:
Peter Bryant, Pete Elliott


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(partners also attended the picnic)